RCMP Relocation

At REMAX– Team Vince Chan, our team of Realtors understand how complicated and tedious the relocation process can be for Members transferring into the Lower Mainland District from all parts of Canada including Cadets coming straight out of Depot. For more than 25 years, Team Vince Chan has been helping people buy and sell homes in virtually every city in the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs.

We work hard to ensure incoming and outgoing Members are taken care of when it comes to their home buying or selling needs. We are fully cognizant of the limited time given to find a home which is all the more reason you can benefit working with a team of Realtors rather than just one. Most HHT (House Hunting Trips) can be approximately 5 days making it a tight squeeze to get the job done.

We also understand the delicate nature when it comes to your privacy and how important it is to find the right neighbourhood for you and your family. Our team takes the time to make every fit, the proper fit. Our extensive knowledge of the current market condition in such a huge footprint ensures you are getting the best information available before making that big decision.

Please call Team Vince Chan 24 hrs a day at 604-813-8618 or email info@teamvincechan.com

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